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Veggie Cage LLC manufactures innovative tomato cages, tomato stakes and other garden supplies for the home gardener, as well as commercial horticultural markets and sells them directly to you online.

Tomato Cage, Veggie Cage,

Plant Support.

Tomato Cage, Tomato Ring,

Plant Support.
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The Veggie Cage plant support is also a tomato cage, and tomato stake all in one.The Veggie Cage provides a no-hassle support for your vining vegetables and other support-loving plants.

"Tuck it Up" for success

The strength isn't up and down, the strength and support is from the inside out if you"Tuck it Up"

Remember to guide each stalk up to the next ring and tuck it in. As the stalks continue to grow up and the "Tuck it Up" philosophy is followed, the bulk of the plant will push from the inside out against the rings of our revolutionary design. This internal force pushing out will "lock the plant" inside the rings and become one with whatever stake you use to support the plant. Your produce will be stabilized and protected within the bulk of the plant itself !!!

The Veggie Cage is a sturdy plant support structure that functions as a tomato cage but without the unattractive bulk of a traditional cage or tomato trellis. They work great with snow peas, beans, cucumbers, Tomatoes and any vine growing plants. The spiraling Veggie Cage attaches to almost any stake you choose, to provide your tomato plants and other support-loving plants with a sturdy apparatus that allows for easy climbing and clinging. Order your Veggie Cage today! For best results please spray WD40 on screw beginning of every season.

The Tomato Ring tomato support is the next generation of tomto support. They go as tall as you need and storage is minimal. Each ring can support up to 10lbs. The ring is 5 3/4 x 10 5/8.

.Sold in sets of 6
.Strong durable construction
.Holds large tomato plants
.Very easy to use
.Small space for storage
.Fits all typical support stakes
.Absolutely no tying needed
.Better than tomato cages.
.Dahlia support

Designed specifically for growing tomatoes, the Tomato Ring is made of galvanized spring steel and is the best tomato support on the market. With the new Tomato Ring you get the best of both a cage and a stake. Experience the convenient support of a cage and the height and stability of a stake, without the bulk of a cage or tedious tying and retying. For storing simply toss them in a bucket at the end of season.

Its a cage on a stake! Please take a look at the Video on the top left colum!

Use one, two or three depending on the expected size of your plant! Simply secure the first one about 1 foot off the ground, then just move the top Ring up as your plant grows. Please keep top ring no more than 12 inches from the top of plant. You don't want the top of plant to fold over the top ring. It is that easy. Absolutely no tying, EVER . For best results please spray WD40 on screw beginning of every season.
How to use the Tomato Ring!
See the Tomato Ring in action!

Veggie Cage LLC's unique and high quality tomato cages, tomato stakes and other garden supplies will help any gardener grow tall, lush and healthy tomatoes, peas, vines and other veggies with ease.

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It's exciting how the Veggie Cage, Tomato Cage & Tomato Ring
are transforming the way you garden!
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Veggie Cage is a tomato cages online store. We sell a variety of gardening supplies including gardening gloves, watering cans, tomato rings, hand gardening tools as well as show how the Tomato Ring works for our customers.

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